Wednesday, December 1, 2010

147 The Hitch Hikers

Title: The Hitch Hikers (on a retitle; The Hitchhiker in some lists, which could be correct for the original, especially as there is only one hitchhiker in the cartoon)
Studio: Terry
Date: 12/01/39
Credits: -
Series: Terry-Toons (probably; less formally, Gandy Goose, maybe)
Running time (of viewed version): 6:40

Synopsis: Goose with trailer hooks up with mean dog with car; hijinx ensue.

Comments: Some non Gandy Goose it looks like. But he kinda sounds like him. And a dog who kinda sounds like Sourpuss. There's a Gandy title card on this retitle. I'm not sure if it's right. They may have ret-conned it. If not, Terry was futzing with the series. This may just be an interim Gandy design I'm not familiar with. The dog is afraid of automation, like the earlier WB dogs this year. Effects sound odd again. Silhouette shot. They just met and went to bed together; was this normal at the time? Dog takes a pistol to the mosquito. This is why you shouldn't hitchhike. Gandy ultimately powers the trailer with mosquitos and runs the dog off the road into a tree, making the car explode. Which is why you shouldn't pick up hitchhikers.

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