Monday, November 29, 2010

Wonder Bakers at the Fair

Title: Wonder Bakers at the World's Fair
Studio: Ted Eshbaugh
Date: (1939?)
An Eshbaugh-Victor Production
Series: -
Running time (of viewed version): 3:36 (for footage on Cultoons)

Synopsis: Buy our mass produced baked goods.

Comments: I'm not certain this is a 1939 cartoon; it looks and sounds older. But jingle music retained this type of sound for awhile, so thats not dispositive. And Ted Eshbaugh's output as a solo and at Van Beuren didn't show so much evolution between known dated pieces (say, the Wizard of Oz in 1933 and Sunshine Makers in 1935) to really rule it out. In favor of 1939: the title is "The Wonder Bakers at the World's Fair"; as there were two World's Fairs in 1939-40, not mentioning the city would allow this to have been shown in San Francisco and New York. On the other hand, it also would have allowed it to be shown in 1933 and 1939, in Chicago and New York and San Francisco. If we can pin down creation of either the Wonder Baker bakers or the Hostess hostess mascots to after 1933, we can pin down the segments to the '39-40 fairs (I don't think anyone is arguing for 1963 or the Knoxville entry). Is there any evidence of when Eshbaugh was associated with someone named Victor (or the Voctor part of RCA Victor maybe)? As Eshbaugh's Wizard of Oz from 1933 was color (and he'd been working on color since 1932, based on the article at , it was technically feasible.

Apparently, all sugar is ok and needs no testing for quality unlike flour, yeast and milk. Only bad ingredients are funny. The hostess is attractive. There really isn't much to comment on in this, content wise.

You can find this cartoon on Thunderbean's Cultoons Ads and Oddities

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