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BoxOffice, November 25, 1939

BoxOffice, November 25, 1939

(first couple of pages) I am certain the 5 should be a $, but I am leaving it there to demonstrate the perils of OCR:
""Pinocchio," said to cost Walt Disney about 52,000.000, was originally planned as a Christmas release, but is not expected to be exhibited before the middle of February. "

"Another opening of importance is Max Fleischer's first animated Technicolor feature, "Gulliver's Travels," which goes into Paramount, December 20, under the Estimated cost on this present plans. animated production, is said to be well over $1,000,000. "

"theatres in the Warner Neighborhood group featured their special Saturday morning shows with 100 minutes of 'cartoons"

p20 compounded cartoon madness (It is obvious how the following should be divided, but only because I already know the names and positions of the individuals):
"Ending a three-week vacation in Honolulu. Roy Disney is back at his desk at Fred C. the Disney cartoon plant Quimby. Metro short subjects supervisor and head of the cartoon unit, is attending the company's sales meeting in Detroit"

p22? Various proper names precede this, none directly.
"leading 53-piece studio orbegins waxing score of "Gulliver's feature-length Technicolor cartoon"

p35? (reassembled)
""10 best roto tomorrow presents the for 1940" as picked by Paramount and the magazine section cover last Sunday was turned over to that traveling "Gulliver's Travels," man, Mr. Gulliver by the way, will hit the screens ahead of RKO's "Pinocchio." If we remember cor. . .
rectly, it'll be on view about Christmas time, while Disney's won't be re-leased until Easter."

"Much credit for the planting of the early ballyhoo for 'Gulliver's Travels" can he traced back to Bob Clark, local ad sales Local musimanager for Paramount cians' union will go to court to test the state liquor control board's ruling that dancing must stop at midnight on Satur. "

p25? p46?
"and East Dewas along Filmrow with Bruce HarJack sen, who is his general supervisor Moule of the Tuxedo, Highland Park, is putting on another cartoon party for youngsters"

"Cartoon Characters Herald Xmas in Shop Windows"
"Pittsburgh In addition to the calendar, another reminder that Christmas is really near was the Santa Claus parade

featuring the "Pinocchio," "Tarzan" and "Gulliver" floats, which took over the Triangle and the North Side last SaturPinocchio, hero of Walt Disney's day. new feature film, with Gepetto, Figaro the Cat, the Blue Fairy and the rest of the troupe are occupying the windows of Another one of the department stores. Paramount's "Gulliver's features store Travels" in the windows and the toy department of this store features "Andy Panda," new cartoon figure of Universal. Another store's window features "The Lone Ranger," and the toy department here has a "Lone Ranger" exhibit for which the admission price is 25 cents. Dozens of books, novelties and mechanical toys of these film characters are being featured at all stores. The old favorites, Mickey Mouse, Krazy Kat, Donald Duck, Pluto, Wizard of Oz, and Snow White characters are also offered, and new Gene Autry books, song books and novelties have made their appearance."

"Rufus Blair, associated with Hollywood Studios of Paramount, arrived to help out with "Gulliver's Travels" and "The Great Victor Herbert." He tied in with Jordan Marsh on the Christmas week showing of Travels," a Fleischer full"Gulliver's Meyer Marcus, M&P length cartoon exploiteer, is still trying to get an inside straight in a poker game."

"any importance whatever, moving them, from the downtown Midwest and Criterion to the suburban Tower and Plaza at downtown prices. Plans are being made for long runs on "Gulliver's Travels," "The Real Glory," "Rulers of the Sea," "Ninotchka" and other hits due soon."

" "Autograph Hound"

(Disney Cartoon)


Donald Duck goes Hollywood for a which should more than satisfy the children and also give adults a good time. Hit with the autograph bug, Donald wangles his way into a couple of studios for autographs of Mickey Rooney, Sonja Henie and a few of the others until word gets around he is the famous Disney duck. The stars drop everything and chase Donald for his autograph, even the lumpy gateman who has been chasing the duck off the lots. The color work is beautiful and, en toto, it is a short which will garnish any program with

line piece of entertainment

just the right thing


Never Sock a Baby


(Popeye the Sailor)



Popeye learns it does not pay to spank babies. After spanking Swea' Pea, Popeye has a wild dream in which all sorts of adventures befall Swea' Pea who has fled because of the licking. The cartoon is on the weak side."

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