Tuesday, November 16, 2010

142 A Wicky Wacky Romance

Title: A Wicky Wacky Romance (there is no dash on the title card)
Studio: Terry
Date: 11/17/39
Story by
John Foster
Directed by
Mannie Davis
Music by
Philip A. Scheib
Series: Terry-Toons
Running time (of viewed version): 6:42

Synopsis: Pirate cats kidnap island mouse girl, Greystoke mouse beats up cats and saves her.

Comments: The sound effects I'm hearing don't feel original to me. Neither does the parrot voice. Perhaps this was a music only soundtrack, and they later punched it up. The mouse hula feels earlier than '39. Maybe the entire soundtrack was lost and they had to recreate it? The music doesn't sound wrong the way the FX do. Found the music track, lost the other tracks? Pirate cats apparently want to have sex with hula mice. Instead of Mighty Mouse we get a Tarzan mouse; very much in the prototype line for MM tho. Limited to what a strong jungle mouse can do tho. Camera movement to mimic ship movement. Animated waves behind title. I didn't realize they had wakeboarding at the time. The cannon goes flaccid after it shoots its line to the girl mice. The captain is barely happy when the girl dances, and not even pissed when she kicks him in the face. The island rowing is abnormally simple looking for the time. The animated oar trees are done well, but the overall look of everything in the shot is... cheap. The old "fall through the deck and sink the ship" gag. Tho here it actually explodes.

There's only approximately 10% of the cartoons left in the year.


  1. Hey where did you get this cartoon? I've been looking for a long tome for it and no one seems to have it.

  2. Google ("wicky wacky romance" "garage sale"), and you can find it.