Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Radio Guide, December 22, 1939 (Gulliver)

Article on Gulliver's Travels from Radio Guide, 12/22/39

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"Color Cartoons Find Radio
In 'Gulliver's Travels,' latest of the animated cartoon extravaganzas, the Fleischer tribe discover radio - for Jessica Dragonette and Lanny Ross have the singing roles of Princess Glory & Prince David
Here is Gulliver (radio announcer Sam Parker speaks his lines) as Jonathon Swift pictured him, surveying tiny Lilliput, whither a sea adventure led him. Gulliver saves the romance of Glory and David
Terrified at first by the huge 'man-mountain' in their midst, the Lilliputions - including the Princess - lionize Gulliver when he captures the enemy fleet and brings the Prince and the Princess together
Funnyman of the fantasy is Gabby, one of the Lilliputians Jessica and Lanny will see as they attend film's world premiere in Miami (Mon.). That morning Lanny will interview Jessica on his show, CBS"

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