Monday, December 6, 2010

149 The Sleeping Princess

Title: The Sleeping Princess
Studio: Walter Lantz
Date: 12/04/39
Directed by
Burt Gillett
Story,,, Victor McLeod and Gil Burton
Music ... Frank Marsales
Animators ... George Nicholas Lester Kline
Series: Nertsery Rhyme
Running time (of viewed version): (Columbia House v3: segment 10:12; cartoon begins 0:16 ,ends at 10:12; alt ver, 9:32)

Synopsis: Standard sleeping beauty storyline.

Comments: Unusual narrator voice. The fairies have an incredible grating set of voices. Beauty, Wealth, Wisdom and Destiny. Seems a waste to wish wealth on a princess who seems to not be fallen royalty. The princess's face looks like that of the standard TV blowup woman (a variation on the Nellie look). Destiny does the "I'm a baaaaad girrrrrl" line. The "good" fairies don't seem to have a problem continuing to live with Destiny for 100 years after she curses the princess. Mel Blanc as the dopey lover. (This is the first commercial DVD I've run across for this year of cartoons that seems to have the interlacing issue.) Destiny has an unpleasant level of foolish motion in the waking up scene. Non-dopey lover is unpleasantly rotoscopey. Destiny's reflective nails are interesting. The face manipulations seem almost Fleischery. I assume the vanity scene is meant to call to mind the magic mirror from Snow White. Several crowd scenes are dealt with by use of painted backgrounds. Falling asleep as a teen when being pricked by a spindle is a metaphor for sleeping after sex, right? Mel is stuttering in this with hiccups. We've seen him do this before this very year. The prince ends up like Aquaman.


  1. Ted, the backgrounds in this cartoon are by Ed Kiechle. Click on this site to learn about his cartoon career.

    1. is this ed kiechle from evansville ind,born 1949.this was my husband.very curious about what else he has drwan. he died in 95,miss him much!
      alicia kiechle

  2. I'm sorry, it can't be; this cartoon is from 1939, and the Edgar Kiechle referenced was born in 1911 and died in 1960.