Friday, December 31, 2010

Jack Benny, New Year's Eve, 1939

The picture above is from Man About Town (possibly taken on July 7, 1939).

However, we have below the New Year's show of the Jell-o Show.


  1. Happy 1940, Ted. Thanks for all your wonderful, and hard, work on this blog.

  2. Thanks for all the work, Ted. There were a lot of cartoons that have gotten little or no airings over the past 45-50 years that were worth a review, at a time when the studios were in transition from the standard "Disney style" stories to more aggressive gag efforts (or in the case of the Fleischers, from the stability of New York to the more shaky period in Miami).

    The Benny link was also interesting, since I had just watched the 1960 TV version of the same story on YouTube a few days earlier (pay no attention to the incorrect credits tacked onto the show). It's interesting to see how they filled out the plotline over the years and to hear the original at a time before the full Benny repertoire company had been fleshed out.