Friday, December 10, 2010

151 The Ice Pond

Title: The Ice Pond
Studio: Terry
Date: 12/15/39
Credits: -
Series: -
Running time (of viewed version): 5:43

Synopsis: Pig can't skate, rabbits can't outwit or outskate fox, pig decides to ingratiate himself to rabbits.

Comments: Beginning feels truncated. Yet another skating short. Even a crippled rabbit is better at skating than a healthy pig. Skating under the ice feels wrong. Unlike in Peace on Earth, the predator in this short is willing to capture the prey. Pigs and rabbits ultimately team up versus fox; the pig gets skating partners out of the deal, the rabbits get to live. Ah, Terry, where the main character will be small in a corner with the back of his head to the audience while a slow and elderly rabbit methodically walks towards him, sits down, and slowly puts on his skates in a vast 30 second sequence. Terry wasn't very good at villains; the fox is barely villainous. The fish is nicely designed. No voice acting in this cartoon. Jingle Bells is used a few times.

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