Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Columbia Cache

Christmas came a little early this year, and it was blog topical.

The following 11 matted cels came up on eBay. I was not the only person bidding on these cels, which is bad, but the other bidder was not a crushing bidder, which is good. I got 8 of the 11, with an average price of about twice the starting bid.

Seven of the eleven cels do not show the characters' eyes. WTF?

We start with the oldest elf from Happy Tots. You'll notice it has a huge matte, and the cel is cut small and taped to the matte, and doesn't have the other characters from the shot (if it was horizontal, they could've fit them all in) . There's a good degree of wrinkling on the background.

This next one is from Peaceful Neighbors.

This is from Happy Tots (didn't win it):

Strangely, these two cels are matched, but have been matted separately. (The two girls cel are on the same cel; paint loss in progress, as it is on several other of these, tho its worst here.) Also Happy Tots, obviously.

Once again, Happy Tots. Again, no eyes. But panties.

From The House That Jack Built; my third cel of the damn beaver:

Cel from the same shot as my ostrich/beaver cel, but I didn't win this one:

I have not identified the following three cels; I'm assuming they are also Columbia from the company they keep. But a WAC (or an Andrews' sister in military garb) should be from a bit later. Guy in a blue suit with a yellow tie getting mud(?) in his face could be any time (the backgrounds on those are very very wrinkled). I quick run through my screenshots for the year didn't turn it up for me, but it's possible I could've missed it (especially the guy in the suit). I'd appreciate any ID help you can supply on these.

(edit: Brandon Panther's guess is the Air Hostess, 1937; it sounds like a pretty good guess)

(didn't win the next one)

See additional Happy Tots art at:
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