Wednesday, November 10, 2010

140 Naughty Neighbors

Title: Naughty Neighbors
Studio: Warner Bros.
Date: 11/04/39
Produced by Leon Schlesinger
Robert Clampett
I. Ellis
Story by
Warren Foster
Musical Direction
Carl W. Stalling
Series: Looney Tunes
Running time (of viewed version): 6:20

Synopsis: Mountaineers Porky and Petunia make love, their farms continue to make war.

Comments: I wonder if being a sausage factory and having to turn out more cartoons, at perhaps a lesser length than someone like Disney, helped WB cartoons feel snappier... The cartoon sounds like it's starting with the strains of Small Fry. This makes for two days in a row (for the movie goer of 1939) with a new hillbilly cartoon. It looks like the date on the Ozark Bazooka is June 18, 1942. Smaller headlines include "Flash! ...ORK AIMS ...T J. Carey's" (John Carey was an animator in the unit; I wonder what it meant...) and "Titanic Hits Ice-Ber...". At the bottom: "Plan enforcement of pure feud law". I wonder if the line about a non-aggression pact in the headline was an embarrassment in light of the first of September or more there because of it... Opening with a shoot out is abnormally persony for a Clampett '39, but at least it's a long shot; maybe they counted the text card as the establishing shot. Little black duck from earlier cartoon is present, as is an old bearded black duck (tho beardo may have replaced little black duck within this cartoon). Irritating musical number in the cartoon with the ending bit "something good will come from that". Different little black duck later (or a different design at least). Porky uses a love grenade to bomb the denizens into peace. When P&P walk into the sunset 3.5 minutes into the cartoon, it feels like the end of a romantic movie; but then the cartoon continues and the peace falls apart. There's a duck that seems more like typical Daffy design, and he calls his baluts to war.

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  1. Sounds like Jack Carey had a kid and they put the announcement in the cartoon.