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BoxOffice, November 11, 1939

BoxOffice, November 11, 1939

"Examination Requested by Disney


New York Walt Disney Productions has applied to the supreme court for permission to examine Adriana Caselotti before trial in connection with her $200,000 action against them and RCA Manufacturing Co. The company seeks to prove the court has no jurisdiction, and that the plaintiff gave her consent to making recordings of her voice. The singer, the "Voice of Snow White," claims RCA dubbed her voice from the sound track in violation of her contract, and made thousands of records from a


"antics of animated pictures it must rely on its innate attractiveness rather than too entirely on the pictures it plays. When the theatre is the possessor of a fine reputation as an individualized place of entertainment and relaxation, it is visited and revisited by patrons in spite of not because of its programs, which may be above or below average."


Assuming the role of a "modern emancipator" to his public, Fred Mindlin, resident manager of the Essex Theatre on Sheridan Road in Chicago, recently addressed his constituents on the letterhead of the owners. Pine Theatre Corporation. His proclamation reads as follows:

"Dear Sir or Madam:

"Four score and seven days ago this company brought forth the idea of a new theatre, conceived by the best artists and craftsmen, and dedicated to the proposition that

tired of sitting through feature pictures, and that

most men and women are sick two lengthy they would


prefer a balanced Variety
of a carefully selected Feature Picture plus the Essex Hour of Charm the latest Newsreels, Travelogues, Sports Reels, Comedies, Cartoons and other short subjects.
"And now the Essex Theatre lall newly decorated, air conditioned, and with every comfort imaginable) so conceived and so dedicated is ready for its Gala Opening

on Saturday, October 14th, and with your kind patronage and approval shall not perish from this earth we hope.


"Fred Mindlin, Resident Manager."

Rather a clever bit of showmandising brought right to the point, we think."

"To complete west coast tieups, Harry L. Royster, merchandising exploiteer now working on Paramount's feature-length cartoon, "Gulliver's Travels," planed in from New York"

"include Paramount's first feature-length cartoon produced by Max Fleischer;" "Gulliver's Travels"

"Nine Shorts Producers Are
Awarded Gold Statuettes Los Angeles — As the result of an audiof the Tele-View Theatre, gold statuettes were awarded to nine producers for their outstanding short subjects made during 1939. Occasion also marked the first anniversary for the newsreel house. Receiving the awards at the hands of Gregory Carter, theatre manager, were:
"Old Glory," Technicolor cartoon; Pete Smith, one-reel subject, "Follow the Arrow:" James FitzPatfor

rick for his Traveltalk, "Australia:"

Leon Schlesinger,


ton Jacobs, representing RKO Pathe, for "Bird Dogs:" John Nesbitt, M-G-M, for the outstanding one-reel novelty, "Yankee Doodle Goes to Town:" Carey Wilson, for M-G-M's one-reel dramatic subject, "The Great Heart:" Gordon Hollingshead, for Warner's two-reel color featurette, "Lincoln in the White House:" and Jack Chertok for Metro's two-reel black-and-white,"

page looks to be translated as "J'l"
"Tri-States Theatres and Ralph D. Goldberg takes on a more active flavor this week with each side opening a theatre in Omaha's main business sector. Tri-States is opening the Paramount, a 3,000-seater and an acknowledged "white elephant," on a stage-screen policy on a Prices are 15 cents for chiltrial basis. dren, 35 cents for adults in the afternoons and 55 cents top at night. The house's future policy has not been announced. Goldberg is opening the State, dark for many years, on a "3-in-l" policy. This house, seating about 1,000, will feature a double feature, the "State Hour" which includes 60 minutes of news and cartoons, and a food giveaway to all adult patrons when they leave the theatre. Prices are 10 cents for children, 25 cents during afternoon for adults and 35 cents at night."

p80, Too garbled to be sure of the thrust of the story, but interesting nonetheless:

University of Min-sota's
engaged in producing an animated cartoon and next January it


course to teach its students produce them. It eventually expects to be a potential talent source for Walt Disney and other Hollywood
No other cartoon comedy producers. college ever produced an animated cartoon and none has the cartoon producing course for students. The cartoon now in production depicts the history and problems of the"

"Early Saturday morning show at the Majestic featured ten Disney cartoons in celebrating Donald Duck's fifth birthday party. There ivas plenty of entertainment in store for both children and adults through the courtesy of Joske's Boys and Girls Dept.; 53 gift prises were awarded and Borden's gave away free ice cream to all patrons attending this matinee."

"Mountain Ears

Columbia (Color Rhapsody) IV2 Minutes This is an animated takeoff of a popular magazine series of cartoons depicting the adventures of a group of bearded hillThe result is about 50-50, conbillies. sidering the producer had a comparatively original set of characters, yet rung in some well-worn business. The group goes of meanderings typical through the sleepy mountaineers, but comes to life"

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