Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Amazing Recovery of Inbad the Ailer

Title: The Amazing Recovery of Inbad the Ailer
Studio: Lantz
Date: 1939
Credits: -
Series: Advertising
Running time (of viewed version): -

Title Frame: A motion picture presented at the New york World's Fair by the makers of Saraka.

10 Girl frame: Da-da-da da-da! Three luscious nautch girls, slim and sinuous as the houris of Paradise, were swaying in a seductively Oriental dance.

13 "At Saambi's signal, a Nubian marched in. On a salver, he carried an orange colored tin bearing the mystic words "SARAKA for constipation.""

14 " "Saraka!" cried Inbdad. And the look on his face was like that of a thirsty traveler lost in the desert, who suddenly sights a cool, green oasis."


This has not been viewed by me. This came out for the 1939 New York World's Fair for the laxative Saraka. It looks great, ad is strangely clear for a '39 Lantz color cartoon, but maybe it's just been juiced for 4 color printing. There was reportedly a print on eBay in 2004. The images here come from the booklet put out based on it (essentially screenshots). I'd love to see this. I'd also love to have the booklet so I could scan in the entire thing. In time...

The other images are a promo button form the campaign (I have one), an ad from Life from 1937 in a different style (so Lantz had to adapt the storyline, I suppose), and a 1939ish ad from the Lantz based campaign. I should transcribe the '39 life ad, but I'm not going to right now. You should be able to read it if you like by clicking on the image.


1939 ad:

1937 ad:

August 21, 1939 Life magazine Saraka ad:

Time for Saraka (Inbad the Ailer)

Cartoon Brew's piece on it:

A print was apparently on ebay in 2004

'37 ad:


  1. Very interesting. Otto Soglow (of "The Little King" fame) drew the earlier, different-looking Inbad comic. Jump back a few more years, and a very Inbad-like character turns up in a cartoon based on Soglow's work:

    I'm not a Soglow scholar, so I'm not sure whether the Sultan in the cartoon is actually Inbad, or whether the Van Beuren cartoon is based on anything in the contemporary Little King comics.
    Very interesting, though...

  2. Good catch. (In the event that video goes away in the future, the Little King cartoon is "Sultan Pepper".)

  3. Thanks for the kudos!

    (And hey, with only 10% of the year left, can I anticipate an exciting return to your Oswald blog?... Hey, put down that anvil!)

  4. While I will be making an Oswald production art post on Love and Hate Cartoons in the near future, the Oswald cartoon posts will just be part of the forthcoming Cartoons of 1935 blog, and a new post on the lonely Egg Cracker Suite in the Cartoons of 1943 blog. Both blogs have prep posts up, and I've already written 4 months worth of '35, and 3 months of '43. There are links to them from the "Cartoons Of" Project page, linked on the top right of this blog.

  5. Are you still looking for a copy of this booklet? I have one in perfect shape and was going to sell on ebay, but saw your blog first. Let me know--