Friday, November 5, 2010

138 One Mouse In A Million

Title: One Mouse In A Million
Studio: Terry
Date: 11/03/39
Credits: -
Series: -
Running time (of viewed version): 5:56

Synopsis: Mouse puts bell on cat in order to get some girly action.

Comments: Beginning feels truncated. Again, the mice are moving towards (actually, they're more or less there) Mighty Mouse style from their early "what Mickey Mouse was based on" look. This evolution actually is more sensible than Mickey's fleshy makeover of '39. The cat is not much of a killer, he's just a happy injurer. Another invisible man cartoon; the logic of his invisibility is not consistent. There's lots of clean cartoon movement in this, with good looking sliding cat action. This cartoon is full of an unusually high number of interesting and diverse images in the first two minutes. The music is pretty snappy too. The reign of terror of the cat is really well done, and while the rest of the cartoon is pretty prosaic, it has lots of interesting angles in it. Compare this with the cat's reign in Fifth Column Mouse from WB in '43, in a kindler, gentler, yet more sinister instance. The vanishing cream in this makes one vanish from the world, not just from sight. Some of the wounded mice may actually be amputees.

Twenty shorts remain in the year after this one.

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