Thursday, June 10, 2010

MGM title art

Mike Van Eaton of Van Eaton Galleries was kind enough to provide me with images of the original art for three MGM title cards from a recent art acquisition. Two of them (The Bookworm and the Count Screwloose cards) appeared on Cartoon Brew yesterday, but the image in Mike's email was the first I'd seen of the Peace on Earth card (which is actually the end title card; the opening title involve running soldiers in a destroyed city). Jerry listed the Count Screwloose card as being for Jitterbug Follies, which is true but incomplete; I believe the exact same card was also used in Wanted - No Master. The Screwloose card is a series card, while each cartoon also had cartoon specific title cels (the two cartoons share an identical curtain background behind the title lettering, at least in the prints I've seen; but based on MGM's titling practices, I can't necessarily trust that as definitive). I haven't heard that they've sold yet, so if you have the scratch, you might want to inquire as to price at
There's also a background and cel setup from The Little Goldfish that was in the same acquisition that you fans of 1939 might want to buy, but Mike did not have an image to provide to me at this time.

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