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BoxOffice, June 3, 1939


"M-G-M Technicolor Cartoons (18)
Hugh Harman and Rudolph Ising who are rated at the very top in the cartoon field are developing fresh viewpoints, gelightful story ideas and newly discovered technical improvements for their deluxe Technicolor series. Watch!"

p12 cost of doing business for a theater.

p27 Relating to the general film industry anti-trust suit:
"Attorneys from Minneapolis also have gone back after attending the hearings at which Louis Phillips, assistant to Austin C. Keough, Paramount general counsel, sat in. Phillips has been in Miami the past few days conferring with Max Fleischer."

p37 Mention of WB live action patriotic short unit.

p38D "Two Burlesquers Close
San Francisco - Again the flesh exponents at the World's Fair have claimed victims. Two more local flesh houses have closed their doors due tot he fact that the Fair's flesheries are taking what business is to be had. Both the Capitol Theatre here and the Moulin Rouge in Oakland have existed due to their strict burlesque shows."

p48 "Diana Gaylen, whose voice has been heard in connection with numerous films, including "Anthony Adverse" and Walt Disney's Silly Symphonies, as a Milwaukee visitor en route to Hollywood."

comic strips to film: Tailspin tommy p34, p58D

p58D "When Snow White came out there was a lot of publicity on Walt DIsney and his cartoons. "Wells Fargo" also was current at the time. Instead of putting with "Wells Fargo" another fair picture and having a double bill of the usual kind, Means took the Disney Academy Award shorts and ran the with "Wells Fargo". The combination gave the Oak Park its best gross in five years. It held for a week. Surprisingly, no one else used the idea. The fact that the group of Disney shorts ran less time than a feature made a briefer program and enabled a quicker turnover, which in itself led to more business."

p63 "Gulliver's" Displays
Pittsburgh - Special lobby displays are being manufactured here for Paramount's feature cartoon "Gulliver's Travels," according to William Gardner of the Gardner Sign Co. Garder will place the first display at the local Paramount exchange."

p 94 short subject reviews

"Nellie of the Circus
Universal (Walter Lantz Cartune) 7 Mins.
This is bright and imaginative cartooning for young and old. The situations are new and clever. In flashback fashion, it shows how Big Dan, who is searching for his long-lost Nellie, spent weary months and years training her to become an aerialist. Comes along a Simon Legreeish character, who snatches Nellie away and makes her queen of the circus. Dan plods weary trails and countries before he comes upon a billboard advertising Nell's appearance. The rest of the reel belongs to Dan."

"Donald's Penguin
RKO (Walt Disney) 8 Mins.
This is a wholly delightful fusion of grand comedy and the fowl equivalent of human nature. When Disney decides he wants sympathy for a character he gets it, and he gets plenty for the penguin h presents to Donald Duck here. THat is, until he decides that the little bird should get mischievous, and then you get to feel sorry for DOnald. The penguin is a surprise present to DOnald form Admiral Byrd. In less time than takes a college student to make up his mind, the penguin has devoured thee goldfish - despite Donald's warning. After a lot of cute business, Donald gets real mad and makes for the penguin with a shotgun. The duck is trembling, so he can't fire, and that's where the audience is going to ooh-aah" over the plight of the defenseless little bird. Swell!"

"The POinter
RKO (Walt Disney) 8 Mins.
Chances are you've seen the treatment of this one before. But a few particularly bright moments lift it from the usual run of cartoons. Mickey Mouse is teaching Pluto how to become a hunting dog; the idea being to point the tail at the quarry and become rigid. Off they go for quail. Pluto, unknown to Mickey, strays off in pursuit of a worm. And instead of Pluto there's a huge bear at Mickey's heels. Meanwhile Pluto scents a flock of quail and remembering instructions, becomes stone still, while the quail have a merry time pecking away at his body. In due time, Mickey discovers that it's a bear and not Pluto behind him. The air becomes charged with moving objects, mostly Mickey and Pluto fleeing for safety. "

""Donald's Cousin Gus
RKO (walt Disney) 7 mins.
Any adult who has ever been eaten out of house and home by a guest who professes not to be a big eater will not only get a belly full of laughs out of this, but probably will try to rent it for certain home functions - when the relatives barge in for dinner. Just as he's about to have the dandiest time over a beautiful looking dinner, Donald finds himself playing host to Cousin Gus Goose, fresh from the country. And what Gus does to Donald's meal, combined with how he does it, is something you or your patrons won't want to miss."

"Porky and Teabiscuit
Vitaphone (Looney Tune) 7 Mins.
The old one about the broken-down "plug" that comes through to take the big race is the attraction here. Porky delivers some grain to the stable, gets paid $11 for it and proceeds to get fleeced by a fast-talking auctioneer; he inherits an old nag. The animators go to work and bring the nag up from last place to the winning spot."

"Art Gallery
M-G-M (Cartoon) 8 Mins.
There's more ingenuity, fanciful imagination and clever animation in this cartoon than you'll find in the average dozen. Frankly, it doesn't evoke a lot of howls; rather will it probably result in a substantial appreciation of its all around attractiveness. It all takes place in an art gallery after visiting hours. Nero, standing next to a painting of Rome, is just itching to start a fire. He entices the three "see no evil, hear no evil, etc." monkeys to swipe some matches from another painting. Before long Rome is burning, Nero is fiddling away like mad and , in the general excitement, all the other paintings either take life and flee, or get seared to a frazzle, with a flock of grand comic touches. A "must" cartoon."

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