Sunday, June 27, 2010

085 Nell's Yells

Title: Nell's Yells
Studio: Columbia
Date: 6/30/39
Ub Iwerks
Eddie Kilfeather
Musical Direction
Joe De Nat
Released by
Columbia Pictures Corporation
Series: Color Rhapsody (Scrappy Presents A)
Running time (of viewed version): 6:58

Synopsis: Mustache man is out of cash, needs access to Nell's cash or ass. (Spoiler: choice two.)

Comments: Yet another "a guy with a mustache wants a girl named Nell or else for her to pay her mortgage, whilst her neutered boyfriend intervenes" short. I think Mel Blanc is most of the voices in this, like in Lantz's Mello-Dramas. This cartoon has a stripped down Wolverton-ian character design to its hero and villain (tho Nell looks like a low rent blonde Betty Boop). This has the sound (voice and music), writing/gags and pacing of a WB cartoon, but strangely of WB cartoons that would come later. If you'd never seen a WB cartoon made before the mid '40s and were asked if this was a WB cartoon or if Naught But Mice was, I think you'd guess this one. Nell is kinda Mae West-y. This is very enjoyable, in spite of the tepid visuals. It was hard to get up to regular screen cap numbers, but it doesn't make it less than a great cartoon (because cartoons don't need to be full of good screencaps to be good cartoons...).

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