Friday, March 19, 2010

BoxOffice, March 18, 1939

(not again til May 6 )

p24; MGM slashing shorts from 104 reels to 85

p29 Next season from Vitaphone: "... Twenty six Merrie Melodies in color. A cartoon series which Leon Schlesinger will produce.
Sixteen Looney Tunes. Cartoons in black and white, also produced by Schlesinger."

p46D "Spanish "Snow White" Version in L.A.
Los Angeles - The SPanish version of Walt Disney's feature-length cartoon, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," has opened a one-week engagement at the California Theatre, owned and operated by Frank Fouce.
The California is on Main St. in the heart of the Mexican district."

p56 " "Snow White" Dual "All a Mistake"
Minneapolis - There'll be no more double featuring of "Snow White" in this territory, L.E. Goldhammer, RKO branch manager, has assured the disturbed trade.
Appearance of the Disney classic on a dual bill at the 15-cent Crystal Theatre in the lower loop here was unauthorized and all a mistake, according to Goldhammer.
Scene of the neighborhood independents who had just shown the picture as a single feature at 25¢ and a few other exhibitors were wrought up by the Crystal's action, but Goldhammer explains he was unaware of what had happened until after the engagement.
When he did learn of the double featuring, Goldhammer says he ws as much angered as any of the competing exhibitors. He declares he called Irving Gillman, owner of the Crystal, on the carpet. The picture was sold as a single feature, according to Goldhammer. Gillman admitted he made a "mistake," the RKO branch manager says.
"If I had known at the time that the Crystal was double featuring 'Snow White' I would have gone to the theatre and, if necessary, taken the print away," asserts Goldhammer.
Relative to the reduction in percentage terms after he had gone on record last year to the effect that "Snow White" never would be released to Twin City independents for less than 40 percent, Goldhammer explains that the present 30 percent applies only if the gross fails to reach specified amounts. Under such a contract, he asserts, RKO has obtained as much as 60 per cent as its share for the film."

p68 Building news on the Esquire, and additional news on what was likely to become the Shores.

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  1. Me-thinks Mr. Goldhammer was lying. I think he took his discount money right to the bank.