Wednesday, March 31, 2010

042 Golf Chumps

Title: Golf Chumps
Studio: Columbia
Date: 4/06/39
Allen Rose
Joe De Nat
Harry Love
Lou Lilly
Series: Krazy Kat
Running time (of viewed version): 6:36

Synopsis: A documentary narrator vocally follows Krazy Kat around a golf course.

Comments: Opens with a parody golf song ("Oh a golf ball is a harmless little thing, but baby how you will attack it, with your driver you will take a mighty swing and (zingle how?) you whack it; into a muddy creek it goes, and finds a trap so sandy, oh you putt putt putt then you dump it in the cup but isn't golf just dandy?"; there are more in the cartoon). Very much like a Goofy How To, with the narrator (tho there's a lot more singing, and the narrator isn't serious enough). Both presumably based on a certain type of live action short. This narrator has very poorly written lines. I'm not sure if the caddy is a specific caricature; he looks very specific, he has a very specific voice, and his golf bag is full of (gardening tools?). Gangster golfer is an Edward G. Robinson caricature. Many of the drawings are good, tho the animation is generally pretty bad. The bit with the dog orderlies carrying the hippo (really fat dog?) to golf looks like a scene from a WB cartoon to me. There's a photo of a golf ball animated in this. I believe there was a quote in Of Mice and Magic about someone feeling a Columbia cartoon just wasn't right without a crowd marching in perspective; well, here the crowd is only three people, but the background, middleground and foreground are all moving at different rates, and it's easily the best looking animation in the cartoon. The trio fighting is a cycle. Krazy pulls a series of faces and makes ughing sounds in one scene; this would later be done by Bugs Bunny (perhaps others too, but I'm picturing Bugs doing it). It ends with a "Golfers is the cwaziest peoples" line.

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  1. Does anyone know of a comic strip called "Morty and Mumps Gokf Chumps" back in the 1930's ?