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BoxOffice Magazine, Octber 21, 1939

BoxOffice, October 21, 1939

"Other labor developments: The jurisdictional fate of animators and other film cartoonists is being disputed by the Screen Cartoonists Guild and the lATSE cameramen's local, with the Society of Motion Picture Film Editors and the Federation of Screen Cartoonists the latter comprising members of Walt Disney's staff exclusively also on the fringes of the debate. Both the SCG and the LA claim jurisdiction over these craftsmen in all animated cartoon plants and have filed
certification petitions with the NLRB. The waived its rights over cutters in cartoon units to the film editors, but tlie lA cameramen claim in their petition that cutters must be included within the lA

The lA

local also insists that Dis-
ney's FSC be disbanded and that its members apply for lA cards. Unit Managers Guild met to discuss the status of its members at Republic and other independent studios and to lay plans for a drive to sign the top independent plants to the SDG basic agreement under which the operates. Society of Motion Picture Art Directors is preparing a draft of demands for a closed shop to be submitted shortly to the producers. Office workers at Universal have filed a certification petition with the NLRB."

p?(after 62) "Ed Reed, manager of the Straiid in Providence, is already ballyhooing "Gulliver's Travels." Reed's exploitation reads, ""

"Juvenile Trade Will Be


picture exhibitors as a body do not interfere in politics, because there are undoubtedly as many shades of political opinion amongst them as amongst any other group of citizens. Nevertheless all exhibitors are watching closely the progress of the campaign for the coming Quebec provincial elections, and where possible they are putting in a word to influence candidates to favor easing the ban on juvenile admissions to theatres. Relaxation of this ban in favor of "The


fluenced many of their elders to take in the show. Theatre managers exp>ect that permission will be given children to witness Paramount's "Gulliver's Travels" when it is released around Christmas, and also Walt Disney's "Pinnochio."

Ovila Cote, secretary -treasurer of the Victoria and Empire theatres, Quebec, was in Montreal on business a few days ago. Tom Dowbiggin predicts that Paramount

— Motion

Wizard of Oz" was announced recently, and there is just a suspicion that the provincial government's willingness to allow children to see this picture may have been prompted by the usual desire to please electors which precedes election day.

views of the Roman Catholic clergy as to the desirability of keeping children away from the theatres, while at the same time encouraging the display of 16mm pictures in various church and church school halls throughout the province. Many exhibitors are inclined to think that a change of government might be beneficial to their interests, and though, of course, they will vote as individuals, it is likely they will not altogether ignore their material welfare. As announced from time to time in these columns a few exhibitors are amongst the candidates nominated by the Liberal party headed by"










Just another cartoon. Little Bo Peep discovers a little lamb missing from the fold. It is at this very moment that a wolf, disguised in sheep's clothing, is about to perform a mean act. Krazy Kat

is enlisted as detective and justice triumphs."



Mother's Family





Animation and humor are cleverly sustained here for one reel and the result is an entertaining cartoon in Technicolor. The tale is about a hen and her brood and the difficulty she has keeping them

out of danger. One chick, in particular, proves to be the bane of her existence."




in the





Terry -Toons*


Boy Blue rescues Mary's lamb from the bad wolf. It should be amusing cartoon stuff for children and fairly diverting for the adults."

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