Thursday, October 7, 2010

128 Little Lost Sheep

Title: Little Lost Sheep
Studio: Columbia
Date: 10/06/39
Credits: -
Series: -
Running time (of viewed version): 6:38

Synopsis: Schoolgirl sheep Genevieve essentially runs off from school with wolf, gets in over her head, and is chased down by Krazy Kat, tho she saves herself.

Comments: Starts with an establishing zoom (could be clipped) I think the shepherd/teacher Little Bo Peep is also a non-human animal, tho not a sheep (possibly with an almost Katherine Hepburn voice, but more southern). I suppose she's a sheepdog. The classroom is racially integrated. The wolf has a dog chauffeur. And an uncanny valley human mask. And finally a ramskin. Would that have been a condom reference at the time? Krazy doesn't show up until almost three minutes into the cartoon. And he's a noir detective who quickly pulls a gun, in spite of his Sherlock Holmes hat. Krazy has two non sentient bloodhounds (they even look like Pluto; apparently that branch of cartoon dog-dom is severely limited). Both the wolf and the bloodhounds have long thin noses. The blackboard says 2-2=4...

At least three of the following images of drawings came from Howard Lowery's site. The first two images are not, as they're my own scans of drawings I own, but I did get them from Howard Lowery.

You can see the cartoon at: