Monday, October 25, 2010

133 The Watch Dog

Title: The Watchdog (The Watch Dog on the retitle; BoxOffice lists original as one word)
Studio: Terry
Date: 10/20/39
Credits: -
Series: -
Running time (of viewed version): 6:13

Synopsis: Homeless dog gets job guarding garden; fails; ends up a happy traitor.

Comments: Only three other cartoons intervene between The Orphan Duck and this. Unusually few for Terry, but then this October is an extraordinarily light month. That rubber bone reminds me of a King Missile song... The dog is not attractive. The rabbits also lack something; I think it's funniness. Yet a another pistol in a cartoon; of the 6 cartoons so far this month, this is the third with a handgun. This is very similar to Columbia's Crop Chasers, released less than a month earlier, wherein the things the guard is supposed to be guarding the food from are spared by the guard, who gives up the job, and the pests take pity on the guard. That's some pretty quick stealing; I wonder who they stole it in common from (or who switched studios). The doghouse has spanish tile and bones stacked like cordwood next to it. Classy. There's something about the rabbits in this that make me wonder if Preston Blair swiped his famous images in the first place...

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