Monday, October 18, 2010

131 Officer Duck

Title: Officer Duck
Studio: Disney
Date: 10/10/39
Credits: -
Series: Donald Duck
Running time (of viewed version): 7:37 (without Leonard)

Synopsis: Officer Donald dresses up as a baby to arrest Pegleg Pete.

Comments: This is the final Disney theatrical short for the year. It's possible the Standard Oil short could have come out after this tho, but it's not quite the same thing. I assume Disney had to redirect most of their energies to finishing off Pinocchio, released about four months after the release of this cartoon. The dispatcher has a certain drawl reminiscent of Lionel Barrymore, tho it's clearly not a vocal caricature. The dashboard clock in Donald's car is great. Don drives recklessly. For some reason, Donald isn't afraid of Tiny Tom (played by Pegleg Pete) when he doesn't believe he's the object of his arresting needs, but is afraid once he realizes Tom is Tom. Pete's a pretty good caregiver. Lone Ranger reference (Pete says "hi ho Silver"). Donald wins at the end for no good reason.

There is a draft on Hans Perk's site for this:

I have a note on my sheet to check
but I can't figure out exactly why. I don' thtink there is Officer Duck material. There is however a draft of Bill Posters dated October 1939 at
so that may have been my intention. Or the note may have been made before the last post to hit 1939, and the Officer Duck stuff got bumped. Odd, I can't find a link to more results on the search '39 page...

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