Friday, October 22, 2010

132 Dreams On Ice

Title: Dreams On Ice
Studio: Columbia
Date: 10/20/39
Credits: -
Series: Color Rhapsody
Running time (of viewed version): 5:31

Synopsis: Boy floods home, it ices over (at least in dreams), and objects come alive to skate.

Comments: I notice the retitle claims color by Technicolor. BoxOffice lists it as a Color Rhapsody. We start with a caricature of Sonja Henie skating. It's like a Scrappy cartoon with a bunch of movement. And color, in theory, I suppose. It's a precursor to the Tom and Jerry cartoon where they freeze the house, mixed with a standard "things come alive" gag gag gag cartoon. Jack Beaver from The House That Jack built shows up as living toy. Kid has a hot mom (or at least she has nice legs). Too much moving camera work. The puppy skates like Henie. I think the five girls in boxes are the famous quintuplets.

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