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BoxOffice July 29, 1939

Boxoffice July 29. 1939

"Cartoon editors, assistant editors and film librarians of Walt Disney Productions will be represented by the Society of Motion Picture Film Editors, and production employes by the Federation of Screen Cartoonists, it was announced."

"New Cartoon Star

Walter Lantz has introduced a new charter, "Pan," making his bow in "Petern," a Technicolor cartoon short for Unirsal release. "Pan" was created by Will i)gany, the artist, and the story for the el was supplied by Elaine Pogany, his fe"

"... A new



A. Holliday. for-


Hampton HowFleischer studios. ard, who has been active here in that capacity, is being transferred to New York to work on the exploitation of '•Gulliver's Travels.""

Work on





feature, "Gulliver's Travels." is on the home stretch, with all studio activities concentrated on the completion of that pro-"

technicians discovered this week the best heart around the premises was the heart of Stone of Milton Stone, to be specific. After a series of heart beat amplifying— beginning with the studio's huskiest^ it was discovered the bump-bump under the ribs of the studio's cafeteria manager was the most convincingly heartlike. And so Milton Stone's heart was placed under contract. The first two 200 pounders sounded for heart beats suprised the technicians and themselves by producing hop. skip and
reverberations. The tests were made secure the proper heart sound to be heard by the Lilliputians as they arrive at the conviction that Gulliver is not a mountain. Continued additions are being


the studio's personnel which


nearing the 600 mark."

"Besides having all three paint mills at the Fleischer Studios now grinding 24 hours a day, an additional outside mill has been secured for the studio's use. Some 60 more artists have been added since last week's announcement that the studio's staff had reached the 500 mark!"




Fleischer Studio personaUties


news: Dave Fleischer and Pinto ColThe former brought to boat his first

a 73-pounder, while fishing in the Gulf Stream out from Fort Lauderdale. It has dubbed, appropriately enough, "Gulliver." It is to be mounted. Pinto broke down and made public his panacea for the tortured larynx he sustains after a long session of acting as the studio's human sound effect machine. It's a long tall chilled beaker of buttermilk. This professional No. 1 clown is known as the "voice of the studio." He also announces that he is the "world's cornest coronet player.""


  1. Er—I know you're trying to make a point about how BoxOffice shouldn't have left, but when you reprint the tangled quotes from cached BoxOffice issues, think you could reassemble them back into complete paragraphs and sentences? It's usually quite obvious how they're supposed to read.

  2. I tried just assembling the text from the text caches before the images went away... and was often wrong with my reassembly when I cross checked it with the image of the text.

    There are some OCR errors I could safely correct in this, and believe it or not I've edited out large sections of text that are obviously from other stories, but there is a certain level of guess work. I know this is mangled, but without the actual image in front of me, I think this format is safer in terms of preserving the original available text, in that people are free to make their own errors instead of me making them for them. The format is not meant as commentary on the absence of the page images, it's just an outgrowth of the absence of the page images. (I'll try to be less lazy and correct obvious OCR errors in the future, but no promises.)

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