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BoxOffice, July 22, 1939

Boxoffice July 22, 1939

OK, we come to a stumbling block in the use of BoxOffice. It's no longer on Issuu. So I'm limited to text cache's from Google until it shows up on BoxOffice's own site, which Yowp/Fibber Fox was informed by BoxOffice it shall be doing (BoxOffice.com now has a section called The Vault; based on their estimate of 5 issues being put up a week, they should be done in 2021). I'm limited to searching for terms (the text is too jumbled by OCR to actually just read), and text will be jumbled in order due to pagination to OCR issues. So, sorry for the massive drop in quality that's now occurring. Think of it as better than nothing.

"Motion pictures were shown weeks by General Jones Playground Carter Motors. Included in the free show were cartoons, news events and commercial"


"Chicago "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" and •The Kid Prom Texas," both M-G-M pictures, are the only family pictui-es listed in the June report of the Better Films Council of Chicago. The adult and young adult classification included "Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police" and "Invitation to Happiness" (Para)
"Ex-Champ" and "Captain Fury" CUA) "The Sun Never Sets" (Univ), and "S.O.S. Tidal Wave" (Rep). The adult group included "Blind Alley" (Col) and "Volga Boatman" lAmkino). A special classification was listed including the Warner Bros.' Porky and Pig cartoon. "Old Glory," and "Only Angels Have Wings" and "Romance of the Redwoods" (Col); "Soviet Cavalcade" lAmkino); "Tarzan Finds a Son" (M-G-M); "Winner Take All" (20th-Pox); and "Wolf Call" (Mono).

"tically simultaneously in England, Prance, America, and Germany, and each of these countries has, on occasion, claimed the honour of 'inventing cinematography.' "Probably the first instrument to hint at the possibilities underlying optical combinations of inanimate drawings was Herschel's Thaumatrope. This toy was followed towards the middle of the 19th century by a variety of devices for animating a succession of drawings, of which perhaps the best known is the Zoetrope, patented by W. G. Horner in 1833, by which a very presentable illusion of motion was produced. In 1838 these forerunners of the modern cartoon were projected on to the screen at the London Polytechnic. "By 1870, Marey of Paris, and Heyl of Philadelphia, had both devised cameras for recording consecutive photographs on glass disks. Marey was primarily interested in analyzing the movements made by animals and birds. Maybridge (of Kingston) in 1872 made similar series. By 1885 Maybridge had over 100,000 photographic plates of moving men, beasts, and birds, some of which in 1887 he reproduced on bands of paper for viewing in the Zoetrope. He may have been the first to combine the illusion of reality given by the photograph with the illusion of movement which results from viewing a rapid suc-"


relevant sections

"A-Haunting We Will Go

(Walter Lanlz Cartune) Universal 7 Mins.

original form

in this very


pleasant one-reeler for any program. Subjects include a sequence which shows how the storks handle their own baby situation in addition to teaching them to fly, an impressive glimpse of Alaska and an amusing peek at monkeys in a cage with a bow to Darwin.


most delightful and abundantly displayed


How Am



7 Mins.

amusing colored cartoon. seems that dusky little Eight Ball just won't be scared by a well-meaning baby ghost. Unable to frighten his

little apparition takes Eight Ball and whisks him

Quite a bit of fun here as Popeye Is almost stymied by Wimpy. Wimpy overhears Olive Oyl's invitation to Popeye for a hamburger dinner. He then disguises himself as Popeye and confuses Olive Oyl until Popeye reasserts liimself in the usual

where a flock of work on him. manner in which the animators have them do it make for hilarious moments.




old mill

emphatic manner.





What they do and




(Betty Boop)



Humor content in this cartoon is almost negligible. It introduces Vanilla, a horse, who helps a drug store cowboy vanquish the villain of the piece.




the Three



(FitzPatrick Traveltalk)





Effective animation aids in making this irtoon Impressive, but the contents are ill for the youngsters. It's the tale of oldilocks who comes to the bear's home nd eats the porridge. Papa Bear smacks ightly of Wallace Beery. A sugary narraon is not much of a help. Should be good

uff for the kids, however.

on strike, Charlie McCarthy Day at Fair, thrilling gas attack staged

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