Monday, July 12, 2010

093 Barnyard Baseball

Title: Barnyard Baseball
Studio: Terry
Date: 7/14/39
Credits: None listed on print
Series: Gandy Goose (?)
Running time (of viewed version): 5:59

Synopsis: Gandy Goose and other Terrytoon animals play some baseball.

Comments: This cartoon showcases some double eyelids, and the pig is not unlike Paddy the Pig. If it weren't for Schlesinger model sheets in the movie, I'd think there'd be an argument for Terry having done the animation in She Married a Cop. It's pigs versus non pigs (mostly birds, but with a turtle catcher). The game action is actually surprisingly quick, which is unusual in my recollection of baseball cartoons. They sell sentient hot dogs at the ball park; the ancestors of the "Let's All Go To The Lobby" wiener, or perhaps its early work. There's a tearing the cover off the baseball and letting the twine inside unravel while throwing which was eventually used in the Goofy baseball short. An explosion effect looks very much like something that would show up in a comic book (and the corpses of the pig team fall to earth after it as hams). The problem with Gandy's takes are that they are very very quick, too quick to register much of anything played at 24 frames a second.

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