Wednesday, May 26, 2010

070 Lucky Pigs

Title: Lucky Pigs
Studio: Columbia
Date: 5/26/39
Credits: None on viewed print
Series: Color Rhapsody
Running time (of viewed version): 6:50

Synopsis: Impoverished Peter Pig wins sweepstakes, is rich for a short time, then is impoverished again by taxes.

Comments: The "who's a horses ass" musical refrain crops up in relation to the sweepstakes ticket. It may be the first appearance in the '39s of the refrain, but I'm not certain of that. Yet another Mrs. Meany type character. Her elbows sticking out with her face covered are... perhaps a bit controversial. The dog delivering the winnings is almost Warners-esque. I wonder if rural cartoons are squalid because the makers thought it was funny, or if they just romanticized squalor. Same question as the Beverly Hillbillies, I suppose. It's kinda like if the Tea Party made a cartoon, except they would romanticize the rural life more. I'm not sure if the department store floorwalker is a deer or a fox. I think a deer based on regular ears, but he looks like a fox in his greed shot. The tax men are foxes altogether tho. Sounds like Mel Blanc as the horse at the end. Remember, kids, poor people are bad, but if they become rich, they're good. Lots of irising. The manicurists look like blonde versions of early Betty Boop styles.

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