Sunday, May 16, 2010

065 Kristopher Kolumbus Jr.

Title: Kristopher Kolumbus Jr.
Studio: Warner Bros.
Date: 5/13/39
Robert Clampett
Norman McCabe and I. Ellis
Musical Direction
Carl W. Stalling
Series: Looney Tunes
Running time (of viewed version): 7:30

Synopsis: Porky Pig plays the lead in a Christopher Columbus parody.

Comments: Opens with the "Columbus did discover our America" song sung by a later character (Bugs or Daffy, as I recall). There's a NY World's Fair reference on the baseball travel tags, and a San Francisco Exhibition reference in the shipping lane signs. Many transitions based on going out of and coming into focus. Lots of background inserts. "Sea Serpent" shows up in this Bob Clampett cartoon. Tune reminiscent of Easter Parade (or maybe In my Easter Bonnet) along with a hat gag. The Indians break into jitterbugging, as was the fashion for the year. They give the impression of a parade with a fairly closeup shot and moving crowds behind, then a single distant shot.


  1. I think Bugs sang it to Columbus' crew in Hare We Go (1951)

  2. Many, many years ago I had a very beat up 16mm print of this one. The kids loved it, but I let it go because, as I said, it was kinda a mess. But it was one of those films I mourned for decades. A cutie.