Monday, May 10, 2010

062 Krazy's Shoe Shop

Title: Krazy's Shoe Shop
Studio: Columbia
Date: 5/12/39
Allen Rose
Joe De Nat
Harry Love
Series: Krazy Kat
Running time (of viewed version): 6:02

Synopsis: Shoes have a life of their own when Krazy Kat gets a concussion.

Comments: This cartoon is jam packed with funny drawings of shoes. Just a huge density of visual material, especially in the first half. Yet another lit sign title. The first joke is that something is almost risque, but then it isn't (Krazy making a woman's stocking run, then caressing her leg to heal the run stocking, then the camera pulls back to reveal it's fake legs). Krazy disappears almost immediately, allowing the shoe shop to have a bunch of Krazy-less gags. There's a Mae West tall lace up boot, and a mannequin bust that looks like Clark Gable to me, but Gable may have just looked like a generic mannequin of the time. I think a drunken shoe is supposed to be W.C. Fields, though he says something about three on a match, so maybe it's some drunk from that movie (or maybe Fields was known for subscribing to the superstition? I'm ultimately thinking he's a different thick voiced drunk, as the other caricatures look like humans). Laurel and Hardy pass through; I don't know what they're supposed to be, but they seem to be on a brush. A bunch of ethnic shoes include Charlie Chaplin for some reason. Even ties don't like bad teeth in their ladies (of the evening, it seems). The cartoon is similar of course to the things are alive at the shop cartoons that I for one tend to associate with Tex Avery. This cartoon is more about lots of shoe designs than it is about gags tho. Quite an interesting cartoon, tho it just kind of ends without a topper.

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  1. I've never seen this one, though it LOOKS great. I love the them cartoons like this that Warners did so many of...great to see that other studios like Columbia saw how much fun they could be.