Friday, September 10, 2010

BoxOffice, September 2, 1939

BoxOffice, September 2, 1939

p 76: "special "Kiddie Cartoon Jamboree" at the Lenox Theatre, a Warner"

Very light in terms of hits; outside of the shorts listing, no Disney, no Gulliver. The OCR may have been problematic on this issue for some reason, just based on the extreme lack of relevant material.

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  1. One review, Ted, pg. 101.

    The Charm Bracelet
    Columbia (Phantasy Cartoon) 6 Mins.
    This first of a new series is hardly an appetizer for what is to come. The feeble action offers Scrappy, who presents his girl Margie with a charm bracelet. At night the various miniatures come to life, go through their familiar paces and, at length, get back to their places as dawn comes.