Sunday, September 5, 2010

116 Little Brother Rat

Title: Little Brother Rat
Studio: Warner Bros.
Date: 9/02/39
Credits: - (but Sniffles equals Chuck Jones)
Series: Merrie Melodies (according to Blue Ribbon retitle
Running time (of viewed version): 7:26
Looney Tunes the Chuck Jones Collection Mouse [Blu-ray]

Synopsis: On a scavenger hunt, Sniffles makes enemies and friends.

Comments: One of two Schlesinger cartoons released on this day. Bah, it's a Sniffles cartoon (even tho it ultimately has some nice visuals). The other mice at the party aren't nearly as offensive looking as Sniffles (their voices still stink, tho). Some of the other mice are named Cheesie, George, Squeakie, Jimmy and Davie. Did normal scavenger hunts have suicidally dangerous items to obtain? Or items which will kill the children of your enemies? The hooting of the little owl sounds good. Silhouette shot. The clerk's head goes bulbous twice. Seems lame to do it twice. I like Mel's adult owl voice. The owls make this a decent cartoon. I like the plunging shot of Sniffles. But then I suppose I could have been hoping he'd die. The title is a play on the movie "Brother Rat" from 1938. I first looked up "Little Brother" in the Maltin film guide, assuming "Rat" was the addition...


  1. Credits:
    Supervision: Charles Jones
    Story: Rich Hogan
    Animation: Bob McKimson
    Music: Carl W. Stalling
    BTW, every 1939 WB cartoon that was reissued as a Blue Ribbon is a Merrie Melodies cartoon.
    Looney Tunes started to be released in color in the end of 1942, but some of them were still relased in b&W, with "Puss N' Booty" (relased December 11, 1943) being the last WB cartoon in black and white.

  2. I know (based on having now done the entries for all of them), but as it's a known issue with some of the BRs, and as this blog's official attributions are based on what I see onscreen, it seems like a good habit to get into to note that type of potential issue.

  3. This cartoon has recently been released on the "Mouse Chronicles: A Chuck Jones Collection," and the best part is its original opening and closing titles are reinstated!