Wednesday, September 22, 2010

122 Sheep In the Meadow

Title: Sheep In The Meadow (titled "Little Boy Blue in Sheep In the Meadow" on the retitle)
Studio: Terry
Date: 9/22/39
Credits: none listed on print
Series: -
Running time (of viewed version): 6:11

Synopsis: Shepherd sleeps, wolf crossdresses to take a sheep, shepherd boxes to get sheep back.

Comments: The audio seems very mature (perhaps refined would be a better term) for Terry. The wolf is still kind of spineless as a villain, tho he has some good ideas; a clear pre-cursor to Ralph Wolf . Tho he is a wolf in bo peep's clothes... First he strips the lamb, then starts chasing it around. The character interaction has a more abstracted sensibility I associate with slightly later cartoons, fighting against its hackneyed rural setting. The pretty girl dog is a reasonable precursor to Terry's eventual leading mouse ladies. The wolf is self aware of the movie audience when stripping. It's a hard and ugly kiss given in the midst of the film, and a disturbingly trunk like kiss at the end. The fight clouds are almost sausagey, but do not maintain a shape; there are sectors of the fight cloud tho.

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