Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Boxoffice, February 25, 1939

p31 French version of Snow White to be shown in the US.

p32 "In Good Company -
This is called "The Vultures." It is an original painting from "Snow White" which means, of course, Walt Disney did it. Recently selected by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there the canvas now hangs. In fast company, too."

p33 Ferdinand the Bull won the Oscar.

p40 "Walter Lantz Is Training Cartoonists in School
Walter Lantz has organized a school for screen cartoon animators as a means of supplying his cartoon organization with new talent. Lantz, who produces for universal, has signed Myrna Myling as instructor, and intends employing the most proficient students when the three-month course has been completed."

p84 "Fleischer Studios Are Crowded
Miami - With story men and gagsters of the Fleischer Studios having to work up their plots , situations and lines in a house adjacent to the recently completed new studio, it appears that another doubling will be started there in the near future.
It will be remembered the originally announced plans for these new Miami studios were doubled in size shortly after the ground was broken last spring. Now with animators, in-betweeners, opaquers, inkers, etc., overflowing the $300,000 studios into which Max Fleischer moved his organization this fall, a second doubling is awaiting architect's plans.
Following signing of the recent contract for a Miami premiere for "Gulliver's Travels," full length, all-color feature, announcement is made the release will be available around Christmas time."

(I don't understand the punctuation or grammar, but that seems to be how it appears.)

p95 "Short Subject Reviews"
"The Magic Bean
Universal (Walter Lantz) 7 1/2 Mins.
Minor cartoon material which should prove suitable for the youngsters. It's a travesty on Jack and the Beanstalk with the baby mouse attempting to steal the hen that lays the golden eggs. He gets caught by the cat giant, but all the excitement turns out to be a scene for a motion picture."

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