Friday, February 12, 2010

BoxOffice February 18


p17; similar Gulliver promo to last week

p58 animated oscar noms

p113 "Short Subject Reviews"

"Always Kickin'
(Color Classic in Technicolor)
Paramount 7 Minutes
Hunky and Spunky, the donkey cartoon characters, will win new friends with their latest offering. Spunky has an appealing helplessness about him which transmits itself to sympathy on part of the audience. In this, he becomes curious about birds and attempts to emulate them with sad results. He gains their friendship when he rescues a young bird from a hawk. Spunky follows the advice of his mother and keeps kickin'."

"My Friend the Monkey
Paramount (Betty Boop) 7 minutes
Not very amusing but this Betty Bop cartoon should be good for the matinee trade. Betty takes to a monkey and brings it back to the apartment to play with her dog, Pudgy. The monkey soon becomes a nuisance and Pudgy finally gets rid of it. Pudgy is happy until Betty tells him she had purchased the monkey as a playmate."

"Customers Wanted
Paramount (Popeye Cartoon) 7 minutes
Falls below par as far as comedy content for this series. It has its moment, but there is the feeling that the animators had quite a time completing the reel. In this, Popeye and Bluto operate adjoining penny arcades. When Wimpy strolls along, both battle over the potential customer. Wimpy then puts up a sign and collects admission for the rousing struggle."

"Peaceful Neighbors
Columbia (Color Rhapsody) 8 minutes
There is a lot of well-defined meaning behind this animated subject which has the hens of two coops misunderstanding each other and resulting in warfare. Two doves of peace gather their clan and find a solution. That is to shower kindness and sweetness on the innocent participants of the fracas and the idea works like a charm. Charles Mintz produced the subject with Sid Marcus directing. Herb Rothwell did the animation with music by Joe De Nat."

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