Friday, February 5, 2010

020 Mama's New Hat

Title: Mama's New Hat
Studio: MGM
Date: 2/11/39
Credits: None on viewed print (but on the Friz Freleng section of LTGCv6)
Series: Captain and the Kids
Running time (of viewed version): 8:24

Synopsis: The Kids buy a hat for Mama, but it accidentally gets ruined, so they steal an identical hat from a horse; mayhem ensues as the horse tries to reclaim its chapeau.

Comments: Man, they were really pumping out these Captain and the Kids cartoons at MGM. Jack Benny reference (Buck Benny with the cowboy hat). Goodly layer of sign gags. The kids are more prominent than in the others, but the horse is the main character. Kinda cruel to dump glue on a horse, when it's made out of hooves... I was thinkingthe caricature Mama sees herself as is Garbo, but having now seen some Garbo, but it doesn't look like Garbo at all. Looks kinda severe for Veronica Lake, but could be. Marlene Dietrich maybe. It's a standard caricature of someone. I'll probably be able to ID he properly when I get to some of the caricature fests later that others have done a bunch of identifying in... That one sign reads in total: "Now Playing July 10 Double Feature The Murder of Pansy Thorson Chapter Five"; I wonder if they released it early, late, or just weren't thinking about release date. I'd say it was someone's daughter's birthday, but not with "murder" in it. Bob Kuahara and Fred Quimby's names pop up.

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