Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Boxoffice, February 4


The intensity of my review of BoxOffice is going down in quality; the fuzziness of the scans is irritating me, so I'm not reading the finer print without an obvious reason to. I will be sure to miss stories I would have picked up previously, but I don't have the time to spend a couple of hours a week squinting to read all the local news briefs.

p11 Analysis of TV
p16 Information on number of theaters (In 1938, 16,228 in US, 66,253 in the world)

p40H "Christmas Premiere for Fleischer Cartoon"
NEW YORK - There are only 321 days left to Christmas and the world premiere of Max Fleischer's first full-length Technicolor cartoon feature, "Gulliver's Travels," will take place in Miami where the Fleischer studios are also located."

p73 There were 477 motion pictures eligible for Academy Awards in 1938. I'm not sure if that included shorts.

p75 "Lou Diamond, head of Paramount's shorts department, has returned to New York after spending three weeks here looking over indepndently produced shorts for possible Paramount distribution."

p104 Piece on the building of the Esquire, now confirmed to be a theater I went to a couple times as a kid.

p106 "Youth Groups to Screen Shorts for Analyzing
NEW HAVEN - Supplanting the annual symposium at the Paramount Theatre, the school Junior Motion Picture Councils will present three evening programs on short subjects, beginning February 8 with a discussion of cartoons, short comedies and novelties, at Troup Junior High. Evening meetings have been arranged as an innovation so that parents and other interested adults can see the work of the schools along motion picture lines.
Several short films of outstanding merit, loaned by local exchanges will be shown. The student members of the various clubs will discuss them, point out finer points of photography, acting, direction and other phases. Finally the films will be re-shown to allow the audience to realize how much was missed in the first showing. A Disney, a one-reel comedy, and a "Pete Smith" novelty constitute the first program. Approximately 500 children are numbered in the councils."

p131 Short Subject Reviews
"Happy Birthday
Columbia (Scrappy) 6 Minutes
A brief cartoon bit suitable for juvenile consumption. It deals with a surprise party for Scrappy and an uninvited neighborhood brat who breaks up the proceedings. But she and Scrappy make up and both sit down to enjoy the birthday cake."

p134 "Kiddie Art Competition For Disney Interest
Chicago - Children under 12 years old, who have been attending the regular children's weekly entertainment program at the Esquire Thetre every Saturday morning have been invited to enter an art competition of their own.
Original Walt Disney drawings are on display now at the theatre and the children may inspect these and then try their own skill at drawing the Disney characters. First and second awards will be original Disney pictures with 11 other prizes offered.
The competition is being sponsored by the Women's Exchange of Chicago."

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