Saturday, February 20, 2010

025 The Practical Pig

Title: The Practical Pig
Studio: Disney
Date: 2/24/39
Series: Silly Symphonies
Running time (of viewed version): 8:22 (9:02 with Walt introduction)

Synopsis: The brick pig is making a lie detector, while the other two are attracted to the dubious feminine wiles of the wolf dressed as a mermaid and are taken to the mill where he lives; brick tortures their whereabouts out of him and then blows him up, but his moral violations are for nought as they escape on their own and the torture apparatus is turned on all three pigs.

Comments: Son of a ridiculous bastard, this short is hidden on disc one of the fist Silly Symphonies DVD. You have to choose captions and go left within captions to an unmarked thing with a flower to access this. It's listed in the damn booklet as being under Leonard's Picks. It's title 22 if you want to jump directly to it on the DVD. The scientific equipment is pretty impressive looking, and it automatically tortures someone when they lies! The wolflets are sensible and want to kill the pigs in the hand, while their father suffers from Bond-villain disease and wants to wait. The use of a popular song feels weird for a Disney short. It works tho. The wolf's man mask is great, along with his simpering messenger boy voice.

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  1. Interesting. I actually have a small book (translated to Bulgarian, from the early 1990s) with text and illustrations based on this cartoon, but never knew until now there actually WAS such a film. Don't have it close right now, but of course the drawings in the film are a lot better.