Wednesday, February 3, 2010

019 The Three Bears

Title: The Three Bears
Studio: Terrytoons
Date: 2/10/39
Story by
Directed by
Music by
Series: -
Running time (of viewed version): 6:59

Synopsis: Goldilocks is invited to stay with the three Italian bears because she can play the fiddle and the baby bear can't, and she ends up taking down the hunter who comes for the bears.

Comments: This cartoon is awesomely inexplicable. It's actually like two inexplicable cartoons in a a series stitched together tho. The first story, complete in and of itself, involves the more or less traditional Goldilocks story (which 1939 is none too short on presenting in cartoon form, as last month's Krazy Kat entry attests to), except that the parent bears are Italian-accent immigrants who eat spaghetti instead of porridge and they go out to argue about why the baby bear (who has an American accent; guess he was born or grew up here) doesn't practice his fiddle (tho as it turns out he's pretty good on the trumpet, trombone, and drums). Goldilocks takes her liberties, and the papa bear tells her to go home, and changes his mind when he realizes she can play the fiddle. This is probably the most interesting take on Goldilocks I've seen, making the bears essentially act how neighbors would have in the real world. The second story is a hunter story. The hunter has attributes that would not be out of place for a certain WB character that would soon emerge who enjoyed hunting smaller game. He's essentially robbing them of their fur coats. The second story isn't quite as interesting as the first, but it is still enjoyable. The characters are all ugly, unfortunately.

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