Sunday, February 21, 2010

026 Frozen Feet

Title: Frozen Feet
Studio: Terrytoons
Date: 2/24/39
Credits: None on viewed print
Series: -
Running time (of viewed version): 5:50

Synopsis: Irishman goes to paint the North Pole and is judged guilty of stealing a walrus's false tusks (which he is in fact guilty of) and sentenced to death by the inhabitants. He is saved from the ice floes by some mounties, alerted by a woman watching the film.

Comments: It occurs to me the studio might technically be Terry, not Terrytoons. Too late now... Opening seems clipped; everything begins in medias res; probably the print, since it's actually the middle of a sentence where it starts. Three stereotypes are present; American black, Chinese and Irish. It would be difficult to find the lines or delivery for the black character offensive, tho the rest is pretty typical of the time. There are penguins at the North Pole in this universe. Mushy lyrics. The characters are a whole different level of ugly. I suspect there's interesting jokes on the pole itself, but it is hard to read ore than "Joe" or "1912" on it. There's a joke about the Irishman wishing the alerting woman luck at bingo, which was a popular come on at the time to get people into theaters.

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