Friday, December 31, 2010

Father Coughlin, December 31, 1939

Father Charles Coughlin was the voice of American evil in the radio days, supporting Hitler and Mussolini and generally being anti-semetic. This broadcast comes several months after he had become so out of control that he forced the hand of the government and the Catholic church to become involved, and after his support of Germany had become an embarrassment. It is unwise to forget who Coughlin was, or what he did, or how he may be reflected in his modern pink-faced halfwit descendants (not to mention the intervening halfwits, like Joe McCarthy). The cartoons above by Dr. Seuss show the response from the general time period.

My grandfather's bones lay across the street from the temple of Coughlin's hatred, the Shrine of the Little Flower. I generally give the Shrine the finger when I drive by, tho it is simply a place, as it remains a symbol of vileness, stained by Coughlin's memory.

The Out Campaign: Scarlet Letter of Atheism


  1. Or as it is also known, the Shrine of the Silver Dollar.

    I grew up in Berkley, just down Woodward avenue. Amazing to see how much Royal Oak has changed (and how much has stayed the same).

  2. Father Charles Coughlin, 1939:

    "At last the British sun has begun to set, and upon the land of the exploited yellow man there began to rise the dawn of freedom. Today 300 million Orientals -- believe it or not -- are beginning to chant Britain's requiem to the words of 'Asia for Asiatics'."

  3. I have learned for myself that atheism is not true. It will be better for Sodom than it is for us.