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BoxOffice, September 30, 1939

BoxOffice, September 30, 1939

H? "The Screen Cartoonists Guild will hold a meeting October 1 to determine whether the group shall affiliate with the studio painters. Total membership comprises nearly 400."

p36? "Walter Lantz. Universal cartoon producer,
visited the BrookfieldZoo
to observe the antics of the celebrated panda, MeiMei, as a guide to the introduction of
"Andy Panda." his newest character. The first in the series will deal with Andy,
his mama and
papa, and a mean-tempered turtle"

p46? "Thirteen Warner-Saxe houses here featured Mickey Mouse birthday parties with Mickey Mouse cartoons in addition to the regular show. A similar show, topped by a free ice cream bar, was staged by Saxe's Jeffris Theatre in Janesville"
"In the latter city, Ashley Theatres' Orwith a circus and wild west show featuring Tom Meekes and his trained animals on the stage, plus "Outlaw of the Range" and five Disney cartoons. The Eastwood advertised a 7-unit show for kids for that day, which included the first episode of "Fighting Devil Dogs," a Three Stooges comedy, a Popeye cartoon, a color cartoon, two sport reels and the feature, "Crime Takes a Holiday.""

p58? "One display case was devoted entirely to original drawings from the Walt Disney studio. There were also the original designs of sets in color."

" Jeepers Creepers


Looney Tune


Clever and amusing is this cartoon which has Officer Porky tangling with a happygo-lucky ghost in a haunted house. The ghost has a lot of fun with Porky who has the last laugh"

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