Wednesday, October 27, 2010

134 The Good Egg

Title: The Good Egg
Studio: Warner Bros.
Date: 10/21/39
Credits: -
Series: Merrie Melodies (on Blue Ribbon print)
Running time (of viewed version): 7:30

Synopsis: Hen, suicidal over lack of eggs, adopts turtle egg, turtle eventually integrates into chicken society.

Comments: Opens with an establishing shot of a barn, with a downward pan. So very many barnyard and countryside cartoons. I wonder if most of the artists grew up on farms, or if it was just aping Disney. The tragedy of childlessness. Attempted suicide cartoon. It's a turtle; I was hoping for a croc. Again lots of shading in some shots. The ultimate plotline is very much the same as in Terry's The Orphan Duck from earlier this month: aquatic foundling integrates into chicken society by saving drowning chick(s). Silhouette shot.

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