Sunday, April 18, 2010

051 Their Last Bean

Title: Their Last Bean
Studio: Terry
Date: 4/21/39
Credits: (Castle Films print reads "This Film To Be Used Only In Homes and Residences")
Series: Terrytoons (?)
Running time (of viewed version): 6:27

Synopsis: A family of foxes is starving due to parental injury, so one hotheaded kit takes on the local hunt club in order to draw them away so he can steal their food.

Comments: Why are foxes eating beans anyway? Maybe they're vole flavored... The father fox has a crutch. And TB, apparently. There's a certain Bugs Bunny quality to the young fox, with his extreme boldness and dicketry. Dressing up as the hunter is especially bold. Does drawing the humans away and then stealing their food remind you of any major stop motion features from 2009? Roald Dahl, did you write a story about stealing you stole from someone else which began life as a cartoon and was then ultimately turned back into a non-cel animated film? There's one scene that last a couple of seconds where the fox is being chased at an oblique angle that looks really nice. Perhaps to balance out the incredibly bad straight on and down chase that happened earlier.

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