Saturday, April 10, 2010

047 (The) Crackpot Cruise

Title: Crackpot Cruise (The Crackpot Cruise in the retitled version)
Studio: Walter Lantz
Date: 4/10/39
Alex Lovy
Story --- Cal Howard
Music --- Frank Marsales
Frank Tipper --- Geo. Grandpre
Knox Manning
Series: Walter Lantz Cartune
Running time (of viewed version): 6:18

Synopsis: A travelogue, mostly of the Eastern hemisphere.

Comments: There is a recurring gag about tug boat toots, but they don't quite use it often enough for it to work properly. The cartoon starts off with gags about cruising (that is to say, gags about the boat itself), but then it ignores the cruising aspect and settles in on standard "weird things in foreign places", with a couple of American gags thrown in at the end. The bit about the good natured slob seems like a reference, but maybe they just took a common phrase and tried to say it funny. I'm at the point where I just assume cartoons stole everything that feels even remotely like a catch phrase from other media. I wonder if anyone over the age of 10 didn't find the "how do you make a venetian blind" bit to be anything other than painfully obvious. For some reason, the Old Faithful sphincter is translucent; like they used effect paint or something. Again, a concertedly ugly cartoon, without being unskilled.

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