Friday, January 15, 2010

007 Dog Gone Modern

Title: Dog Gone Modern
Studio: Warner Brothers
Date: 1/14/39
Credits: (none in print) (but directed by Chuck Jones)
Series: Merrie Melodies (on Blue Ribbon print)
Running time (of viewed version): 7:23

Synopsis: Two dogs wander into an electric house of the future, and for some reason comedy ensues.

Comments: Blue Ribbon print. Robot Mel Blanc voice, but not much voice overall. The sweeping robot is similar to other later WB robots; I'm thinking the parachuting autopilot. The dogs seem strangely flat and off kilter much of the time; maybe they put all their effort into the typefaces... And the cartoon focuses on the worse looking dog. The cartoon should rely on the set, like Tex Avery's more successful cartoons in the demonstration model vein from MGM, but this cartoon just isn't fully comfortable with the idea.

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  1. Story: Rich Hogan
    Animation: Phil Monroe
    Music: Carl W. Stalling