Thursday, January 14, 2010

006 Petunia Natural Park

Title: Petunia Natural Park
Studio: MGM
Date: 1/14/39
Credits: None listed on print
Series: The Captain and the Kids
Running time (of viewed version): 8:20

Synopsis:The cast of the Captain and the Kids goes to the park., travelogue style.

Comments: Almost a blackout gag format, the cartoon plays a bit like a Goofy "How To" cartoon. I hate the Katzenjammer Kids as a comic strip, but this was surprisingly entertaining. Another color film, it is not as lush as the first Disney entry but is competitively good looking. There's a nice looking multi-plane background move in the first shot. There's a fairly long shot with a cel based background, pulled over a painted background like a window shade, which then vibrates when a pin is dropped. Then there's the drunken fawn, pre-Bambi. There's yet another silhouette; a very popular device. I think this cartoon may have had the most different visual ideas of the cartoons so far, surprising considering my inherent low opinion of the property, and its extremely low visibility in my viewing experience.

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