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BoxOffice, August 19, 1939

This entry is a bit late for balance; it technically would have run immediately after the last BoxOffice if I'd run it in the right place.


"Dr. Duck Gets Degree as Crowds Roar

It seems that Walt Disney will have to be more respectful to Donald, now that the Duck is a doctor of international friendship. It happened at the World's Fair and at Carnival-land to be exact about it. Dr. Frank Monaghan, professor of American history at Yale and director of research at the Fair, did the honors. The camera proves it."

(presumably there's a picture in the issue)

"Cartoon Unit installed by Metro

M-G-M third cartoon unit has been installed William Hanna and Joe Barbera in charge under the general supervision of Fred Quimby. Producing musical cartoons, the unit will increase the annual output from 15 to 18.

The Hanna-Barbera department will function as a supplement to the units already being operated by Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising."

"Cartoons on Schedule
Leon Schlesinger has shipped the first "Merrie Melodie" and the first "Looney Tune" on his 1939-40 quota for Warner, the cartoons were completed right on schedule. Schlesinger has 18 others in various phases of production."

p127 (125?)

"The Two-Headed Giant

20th Century-Fox





A fairly entertaining reel about the adventures of Jack, the Giant-Killer. The villain of the piece is a two-headed giant is bested by Jack in a fierce struggle. There is little in it, however, that is very original."

"Jitterbug Knights
(Color Rhapsody)
7 Mins.

The Golden West

20th Century-Fox (Terry-Toon) An ordinary cartoon account

7 Mins.
trials and of the tribulations of the Belle of the Golden West. Bad Bill comes along and kiddnaps the heroine. The hero and his pint-sized Indian friend. Dodo, finally vanquish Bad Bill and, as in all westerns, the hero gets the Belle.

Another sprightly Technicolor cartoon from Columbia. This one is packed with syncopation, showing an heir born to the king. The son is a regular jitterbug and is a talented youngster at playing several musical instruments. Even the dignitaries of the king's palace fall in line and all the knights step to the lively tunes. Should make a hit, especially with the kiddies."

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