Tuesday, August 31, 2010

114 The Charm Bracelet

Title: Charm Bracelet
Studio: Columbia
Date: 9/01/39
Credits: -
Series: -
Running time (of viewed version): 5:49

Synopsis: Margie loves bracelet, goes to sleep, bracelet lives its life to the fullest without Margie.

Comments: There's a pleasant beige puffiness to the backgrounds, like a pillow of shredded wheat. Odd seeing little kids being shown in a relationship. Kissing your charm bracelet doesn't seem right. Ah yes, the bracelet's charms come to life, thus allowing Scrappy to get ditched from the cartoon. Another appearance of the three monkeys (a the three monkeys, not the same the three monkeys...). Phone number: HO 2097. There's almost a feeling of Famous Studios simplicity in some of the cels. And not just because there's a jack in the box. The bird looks kinda like Buzzy. Lot of pushing in/ zoom shots. (Note that charm bracelets were a fad for girls that lasted for a few generations, but have been long gone as big cultural thing for awhile now.)


  1. If I barely remember correctly from my childhood, the phone number prefix was for the HOllywood area (which is where Columbia Studios was, right?) Unless there some other significance you were pointing out by mentioning the number....

    I, myself, had the WEbster prefix. ;-)

  2. Kind of has plot similarities to "Buddy Steps Out" over at Warners, except in that case Buddy's miniature doppelganger didn't step far enough out of the cartoon to make it any good. But just as that cartoon showed the WB crew had pretty much run out of ideas for their starring character (and just as Clampett was getting frustrated figuring out plots for Porky by late 1939), this showed that the Columbia crew really couldn't think of anything new for Scrappy to do anymore.

  3. Everyone was ditching their title characters in 1939. If this blog was a book with a theme, that idea might be its central tenet.

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