Friday, August 20, 2010

110 The Golden West

Title: The Golden West
Studio: Terry
Date: 8/25/39
Credits: None on viewed print
Series: -
Running time (of viewed version): 5:12

Synopsis: Villain kidnaps hooker, RCMP officer gets her back.

Comments: Another extremely truncated beginning. We have a western show girl in a big bell like skirt (she's named Belle; she was the Lady Gaga of her day; skillful entertainer, elaborate costume, bubububutter face bububutter face). It's similar to Red Hot in a few cartoons but more reserved, a reminder that Red was an evolution along established lines in the form, but at the same time Red had a design that crossed lines, making it a breakthrough (although maybe only in terms of skin, since we we end with an Indian guy wearing a skirt with the girl and the hero doing some sort of mouth action under it). We have a mountie of the blonde Dan from the Lantz Mello-Dramas school (eventually renamed the Dudley Doo Right school). Was there a specific blonde live action mountie these things took their imagery from? (This is actually the same hero and villain, presumably, as in One Gun Garry in The Nick of Time.) According to the poster, Belle was good for bonds and dances. The mountie has an Indian companion. Was that also a thing, or were they just ripping off laterally from the Lone Ranger/their own earlier cartoon? The villain has a loyal skunk and a loyal horse. The hero shoots him through a poster for no reason early in the cartoon. The villain later abducts the girl, but up to that point, he was blameless.

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