Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ford Home Almanac, July 1939; plus, Betty Boop Festival

Here's the cover for an almanac from Ford. I suppose it would have had tips on repairing dings from rogue jitterbuggers dancing on your hood.
More to the present, there's going to be a Betty Boop Festival in Wisconsin, August 5-8th.
There are screenings of Betty Boop shorts, presented by Stephen Worth of the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive; it's unclear to me if these will actually be on film or video. As it's more of a Grim Natwick and Betty Boop festival, I'm not sure any 1939 Betty Boops will be shown, but it's possible.

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  1. One jealous guy. I've had the pleasure of seeing Fleischer cartoons on the big screen in a theatre only once. And it was GREAT!

    Anyone in the Wisconsin area should treat themselves!